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Toll giant bows to pressure, returns elderly woman’s stolen funds

A major toll company has agreed to return over $1000 in stolen toll funds to an elderly woman.

Listener James emailed Ben Fordham pleading for help after his mum Jo received a whopping bill from toll company Roam.

Jo racked up over $1000 in charges, after selling her car in August last year.

She forgot to remove the car’s rego from the Roam account, meaning she’s been paying the new owner’s tolls for months without knowing.

Jo, who cares for her sick husband full-time, approached Roam to recover the stolen money but was initially met with a no-can-do.

The profitable toll company told her they could remove the car from the account, but couldn’t help track down the driver or recover the stolen money.

Roam is part of Transurban, a multi-million dollar toll company that collected over $1 billion in tolls over a year in Sydney alone.

Jo told Ben she simply can’t afford to pay the bill.

“It’s a lot of money when I know that Roam can find people that go through without their e-tag and can charge them.”

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Ben Fordham sent a strong message to the company, urging them to do the right thing.

“I don’t know about you but I reckon a multi-billion giant like Transurban can recognise Jo did nothing wrong other than making an innocent mistake.

“Just like when someone skims your credit card and the bank refunds your money, can’t Roam do the same for this poor lady?”

The company has since contacted Sydney Live, assuring Ben they’ll refund her bill “in full”.

Ben has called Jo to tell her the good news and she is overwhelmed by the result.

“It was a very stressful worry. $1000 is not chicken feed.”

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