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Move for gender-neutral birth certificates slammed as ‘lefty lunacy’

Political correctness is reaching a whole new level in Queensland.

Queensland’s Labor Government is considering a proposal which would see children being able to identify as “intersex” or “non-binary” on their birth certificates.

Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean has slammed the move, saying it’s “dangerous garbage”.

“We should all be speaking out and not tolerating it at all,” Rowan tells Chris Smith.

“This is lefty lunacy but there’s a sinister side to it.

“You’re messing with the minds of children for your own political purpose.

“I think it’s absolutely sick.”

Chris Smith can’t understand the latest PC move either.

“How can someone decide for a child what they identify with?”

Rowan says the Queensland government is “kowtowing” to the “hard-left” members in their own party.

“I guarantee… 30 years from now you’re going to have royal commissions going what were these people doing to our children?”

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