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Minister suggests scrapping Labour Day… his attempt absolutely flops

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State Minister David Elliott is suggesting Labour Day be scrapped and replaced with a day for indigenous celebration.

It comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently suggested a separate opportunity to mark the contribution of indigenous people.

The Veterans Affairs Minister tells Steve Price Labour Day is no longer relevant but was left fumbling in his attempt to explain his alternative idea, “Corroboree” day.

“Christmas and Easter are religious holidays, and the majority of Australians still profess Christianity as their faith.

“Anzac Day commemorates the landing at Gallipoli, Australia Day, by definition, is for all Australians.

“My my view is that Labour Day, which was initiated in the 1950s has lost relevance. I don’t think there’s anything on today, at all, which say to the Australian community this is a day for commemoration.”

But Steve isn’t coping it.

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“That’s all well and good, but why do we need to replace it with another day to devote to Indigenous Australians?

“Why are you and Scott Morrison going on about having to divide the country rather than join it?”

“This is all about trying to bring people together,” says the Minister.

“But David, we’re all Australians. We don’t need more than one day,” says Steve.

The Minister then attempted to call Steve out for working on the public holiday, fishing for reasons to suggest that working on a public holidays means it’s irrelevant.

But Steve fired back, telling Mr Elliott that a lot of people take the Christmas, Easter and Good Friday public holidays off when they aren’t religious, but it doesn’t render the holiday irrelevant.

Listen to the fiery interview