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Minister admits NDIS is leaving some families worse off

New South Wales Disabilities Minister Ray Williams has acknowledged some families are being left worse off under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Ben Fordham has been inundated with emails from frustrated parents and carers who are struggling to make ends meet under the new funding model.

One family was told to make their two profoundly disabled children wards of the state to allow their funding to continue.

When the cases are raised on-air, state and federal ministers jump to address the issues.

“I can’t help but think they’re plugging leaking holes in a boat,” Ben says.

NSW Disabilities Minister Ray Williams admits some people are falling through the cracks.

“There are currently almost 100,000 people in New South W who are now accessing the NDIS and by their own admission, 90 per cent of those people and their families have had a good to very good outcome.

“However, with that said, that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

“That means that there could be 10 per cent of those people who are still struggling and still have challenges.”

Mr Williams says when they address issues with NDIS recipients “one-on-one”, they always get “a very positive outcome”.

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