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Mick Spencer had $150 to his name. Now he’s a CEO

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Life has thrown Mick Spencer an unfair amount of curveballs.

He was born with severe short-sightedness, had two heart conditions that could’ve killed him and was bullied at school.

But none of those things have brought 28-year-old businessman down.

At just 28, he’s the CEO and founder of customs sportswear apparel provider ONTHEGO.

He started his business as a 22-year-old with a mere $150 to his name. Now, he has over 30 staff and has written a book Start Before You’re Ready.

Mick tells Chris Smith his parents encouraged him to do what made him happy.

“My mum and Dad always said to me, ‘Mick, whatever you do never let fear stand in your way and be the best at it and have fun.

“That was always their mission.

“They said whether you want to be a garbage truck collector or a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, do whatever you want, but be happy.”

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