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MH370: $200-million taxpayer funded search is ‘troubling’

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) will face scrutiny over its handling of the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

Experts who led the operation will be grilled by senators next week over allegations they ignored key evidence.

So far, Australian taxpayers have forked out over $200 million for the search.

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick tells Ben Fordhman it’s “troubling”.

“I understand it’s a big ocean and it can be very, very difficult to find wreckage and debris, particularly after such a long time.

“My big concern is that whether or not the ATSB who has been conducting the search actually conducted the search in a manner that considered all of the evidence.

“We have to make sure we have funded what is fair.”

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Three former captains believe the Captain of the plane hijacked his own jet and depressurised the cabin to kill passengers, before ditching it.

They include Byron Bailey who told Alan Jones he believes evidence to support their theory hasn’t been properly considered.