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Merrick Watts opens up about how his father’s death changed him

Legendary Australian comedian and radio personality Merrick Watts has joined Ben Fordham in the studio.

The pair has been friends for years and Ben says there’s one thing Merrick said to him a long time ago that’s stuck with him.

“You said to me, ‘There are two types of people in this world, those who’ve got their dad and those who don’t’.”

Merrick says losing his father changed him profoundly and made him reflect on who he was and where he was going.

“I had a real kind of epiphany where I just went, ‘I don’t think that I’m the best Merrick that I can be right now’.

“I dropped a lot of bad attitude and I just looked at how I worked with people professionally, and how I address people generally, and just changed it.

“I feel much better for it and never ever, ever regret it.”

Merrick has also spoken with Ben about his successful career on the airwaves, what life’s like with his two kids, and what he’s got planned next.

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