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Matthew Murdoch Mills charged over fraud allegations

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Alleged conman Matthew Murdoch Mills has been charged over fraud allegations.

Lake Macquarie detectives arrested the 53-year-old at a Hunter Valley property about 8am this morning.

He allegedly promoted himself as a specialist doctor to establish credibility with victims.

Police will allege the man used an alias and business to receive money from clients and fraudulently obtained over $10,000.

He was refused bail and will appear at Newcastle Local Court later today.

Over the years, Ray Hadley has received multiple allegations against Murdoch Mills.

In 2010 Mills tried to take out an AVO against Ray, fraudulently claiming he harassed and intimidated him, but was found to have lied in court with no evidence to support his claims.

Mills was ordered to pay over $100,000 in legal costs. That money has never been paid.

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