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Mass blackouts to hit when coal plant closes

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The closure of AGL’s Liddell coal-fired power station could cause mass blackouts across the state.

200,000 homes could be thrown into darkness unless AGL completes their transition plan.

At the moment, they’re miles behind the target.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly tells Ben Fordham it’s not good news at all.

“There’s not only the issue that this will… put the state at risk of blackouts but there’s also what it’ll do to the cost of electricity.

“Let’s get another base-load coal generation plant built.”

Mr Kelly says the government needs to start building a new coal-powered station.

“In the meantime, between now and 2022 when Liddell closes, we will pay out probably 25 billion in subsidies for renewables that won’t solve the problem.

“We have to get in and underwrite the construction of a new coal-fired power station and we have to get underway yesterday.”

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