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Mark Levy hits out at ‘misguided and offensive’ Greens MP

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More Black Lives Matter solidarity protests have been organised in cities across the country, sparking fears of another COVID-19 outbreak.

Tens of thousands of people have expressed interest in joining weekend rallies in Sydney and Melbourne.

Mark Levy questioned what outcomes the protests would achieve for activists in the US.

He called out Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong for supporting the “inflammatory” debate about police brutality in Australia.

“She latches onto these things like her next paycheck!

“I’d remind the MP of the role the police play in her electorate, so to suggest they’re mistreating people is misguided and offensive.”

Mark also hit back at the trolls on social media accusing him of being “misinformed” and “dangerously harmful”, and doubled down on his stance.

“I’m not afraid or intimidated by keyboard cowards.

“I’m not the one perpetuating harm – these critics are the people responsible for inciting the hatred toward the hard working men and women of the police force.

“Enough is enough.

“You won’t stop me spruiking what I believe in on this program, and that is, there is no correlation between the events in the United States and what’s happening in this country.

“So for all those people that want to try and incite something that’s not there, drop off!”

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Image: Nine News Australia