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Mark Levy calls on Police Commissioner to stand up to ‘keyboard cowards’

NSW Police have launched an internal investigation following the controversial tasering of a man arrested in Sydney on Monday.

Vision of the arrest emerged showing a police officer tasering the 32-year-old Indigenous man in the face, sparking outrage.

Police say the officer used the taser after the alleged thief grabbed hold of his arm.

Mark Levy slammed the decision to launch an inquiry, accusing the Police Commissioner of pandering to activists.

Mark has been inundated with calls and emails from police officers and their families, who say they feel unsupported by the top brass.

“If [police] need to use the taser, they should be allowed to use the taser and there should be no questions asked.

“When are we going get to a point in time where we hear the Commissioner … say ‘You know what, we’re going to ignore all of the criticism on social media’?

“When are the police going to stand up to the keyboard cowards and say ‘There is nothing to see here’?”

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Image: National Nine News