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Mark Latham’s plan to stop the slaughtering of racehorses

NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham has a seemingly simple solution to the slaughtering of racehorses in abattoirs across the country. 

An undercover investigation by the ABC sparked outrage after it alleged hundreds of thoroughbreds have been taken to knackeries or abattoirs, despite rules stating retired racehorse should be re-homed.

Mr Latham tells Ben Fordham ‘doggers’, people who buy horses for dog food, are buying racehorses and sending them to the slaughter.

He tells Ben there is an obvious solution to this.

“You could have government legislation that makes it criminally illegal for anyone to turn a branded racehorse into dog meat and that would stop the doggers going to the sale.

“The doggers know that these are retired racehorses, they know exactly what they’re doing, if you make that aspect of it illegal you actually solve the problem.”

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Image: Getty/Rizky Nurrahman Alrasyid/EyeEm