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Mark Latham: ‘We’ve got to stop listening to these deluded fools’

Just before midnight, Australia’s population will tick over to 25 million people, three decades earlier than expected.

Previously, experts predicted we wouldn’t hit that milestone until 2051.

If population growth continues at its current rate, our population could hit 40 million by that year.

The Outsider Mark Latham says the fact we’ve hit the 25 million mark 33 years ahead of schedule sends a very clear message.

“It tells us a lot about the fake claim by the elites that somehow this problem can be fixed by better planning.

“If they can’t get the population forecast right, if they’re out by 33 years, what does that tell us about the planning in our cities?”

He says we’ll be stuck with “the housing affordability crisis, sluggish wages growth [and] urban sprawl” until we cut our immigration intake.

“We’ve got to stop listening to these deluded fools saying that better planning can solve the problem.

“They couldn’t plan their way out of a wet paper bag some of these people.”

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