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Mark Latham wants state’s immigration intake slashed to 35,000

New South Wales One Nation leader Mark Latham wants to see the state’s immigration intake slashed by two-thirds.

Mr Latham wants to see New South Wales take around 35,000 people a year.

Under Mr Latham’s plan, all newcomers would also have to go through a “national interest” selection criteria.

He says cutting the immigration rate will prevent Sydney from “suffocating” under overpopulation and overdevelopment.

Will Bourke, President of the Sustainable Australia Party, tells Ben Fordham “we do need this major policy reform”.

“We’ve long advocated a cap at 70,000 per year, that’s the 20th-century average that has stood the test of time.

“You’d probably have around a third of that 70,000 coming to NSW.

“We do need to make sure migrants coming to Australia¬†are well supported by the Department of Immigration and Home Affairs.”

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