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‘Most outstanding political speech I’ve ever read’: Mark Latham on Israel Folau

Alan Jones knows a thing or two about political speeches.

He’s heard many in his time as a broadcaster and he wrote many during his time as a speechwriter for prime minister Malcolm Fraser.

Alan has been forwarded a copy of Mark Latham’s maiden speech, to be delivered to the New South Wales Parliament today.

“This may well be the most outstanding political speech I have ever read, and I’m a hard marker,” says Alan.

“It should be printed in every newspaper in the country.

“It should be read by every school child, better still, read by every university lecturer who preaches left-wing, politically correct rubbish.”

The speech will centre around Mr Latham’s support of maligned Wallabies player Israel Folau.

The Rugby Union star was yesterday found to have “committed a high-level breach of the Professional Players’ Code of Conduct” with a social media post condemning homosexuals to hell.

Alan Jones has led the support of Folau and says every single Australian should hear Mark Latham’s speech.

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