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Mark Latham: The Prime Minister is ‘caving in to feral protestors’

Australia Day is five months away but it’s hit the spotlight already.

Byron Shire Council announced its plan to move Australia Day back a date because January 26th offends members of their community.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the date of Australia Day should stay as it is.

But he has floated the idea of introducing a special day to acknowledge Indigenous Australians and our 60,000 years of Aboriginal history.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham says the Prime Minister is kowtowing to a minority of protesters.

“I think it’s a mistake in that he’s caving in to feral protestors down in Melbourne last year,” Mark says.

“I think it’s a misunderstanding of the nature of Australia Day, where it’s a day for all Australians, indigenous and non-indigenous.

“It’s not a day where we pretend that our history has been 100 per cent perfect. It’s a day for reflection about our history and our past, the good and the not-so-good parts of it.”

The Outsider says Mr Morrison’s proposal is “divisive”.

“I’m very uncomfortable with the idea that under Scott Morrison’s proposal, there’d be a day for some Australians on the 26th of January and then a different type of Australia Day for people of a different racial background on some other date.

“I think what he’s come up with is actually quite divisive.”

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