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Mark Latham slams government’s handling of Australia’s economy

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NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham is criticising the federal and state government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

States have begun slowly easing restrictions but some states, such as Queensland, refuse to reopen their borders.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveiled his ‘Job Maker’ plan yesterday, to overhaul vocational education, but Mark Latham told Alan Jones that’s not good enough.

“Now that was the prime minister of the country, with not a single new job announced this side of Christmas.

“You’ve never seen anything like this for 90 years! The states are running the national economy.

“I reckon Scott Morrison must rue the day he ever set up that wretched national cabinet.

“I despair, Alan, for where we’re at on economic policy. If that’s the best Morrison’s got in his kit bag for rebooting the Australian economy, this recession is going to go on for quite some time.”

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