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Mark Latham hints he could make a political comeback

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One Nation is reportedly reaching out to high profile identities to join its party, with Mark Latham hinting at a return to politics.

The Former Labor Leader has been named among those that have been approached, as has Cory Bernardi.

Mr Latham admits to Ben Fordham he’s been approached, but he won’t shed light on who by.

“It’s quite flattering for me, I’ve had approaches from four representatives of these minor parties, these are conversations in confidence so I am not able to breach their privacy.”

Latham says the thought of going back into politics is overwhelming, saying he has a pretty strong memory of some of the invasions of privacy and intrusion from last time around.”

But Mark Latham laments that the country is going in the wrong direction, and he has had many people asking if he’ll step up and do something.

Full interview with Mark Latham below.