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Mark Latham | Hazzard interview ‘most embarrassing I’ve ever heard’

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard admits he didn’t know about the “absurd” new hospital policy when he spoke about it with Alan Jones this morning.

Alan repeatedly questioned the minister on details of the plan but was left disappointed when Mr Hazzard was unable to give definitive responses.

Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham “it’s rubbish”.

“If he knows nothing about what happens in our hospitals, he shouldn’t be the Health Minister.”

“The interview with Alan Jones this morning was one of the most embarrassing I’ve ever heard in public life.”

Mark also slammed the new policy, calling it an “insult”.

“It’s an insult to indigenous people and an insult to the taxpayers right around NSW who’ve not only got to fund this garbage in the hospital system, they’ve got to fund this minister who’s not up to the job.”

“Here you’ve got a minister pretending that artwork and waiting rooms are part of the solution.

“Indigenous health is worse in Australia than non-indigenous because of the drug and alcohol abuse, because of some very, very bad lifestyle choices.”

Listen to the full interview below 

The Outsider also comments on the ball tampering scandal.

“These guys have suffered plenty already.

“That’s no way to treat young men… every young person makes mistakes.

“A 12-month suspension will wreak their careers, it’s unnecessary.”