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‘This is apartheid’: Alan unleashes on ‘absurd’ Aboriginal hospital policy

Alan Jones has unleashed on the NSW government’s move to impose “culturally appropriate spaces” and “designated Aboriginal waiting rooms” in hospital emergency departments.

The policy also includes hanging Aboriginal artwork in emergency rooms to make indigenous patients feel “safe”.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard says the policy reflects “national standards”.

“It isn’t mandatory in the sense that they’ve got to do it. It’s mandatory in the sense that you’ve got to think about what is culturally appropriate.”

Alan told the minister the decision is divisive and will segregate black and white Australians.

“Brad, this is absurd. This is apartheid. Where does the Anglo-Saxon Australian fit in?

“If you’ve got a culturally appropriate space in every hospital emergency department will we have a culturally appropriate space and designated aboriginal waiting room in every pub?

“Will we have one in every school?”

It didn’t end well for the Health Minister.

Click PLAY below to hear Alan take Health Minister Brad Hazzard to task