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Mark Latham: ‘For Bill Shorten to try and keep this report secret is an absolute atrocity’

The findings of an inquiry into embattled Labor MP Emma Husar’s conduct may never be exposed to the public, according to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

The member for Lindsay has been accused of intimidating staff and directing them to look after her children and clean up after the family dog.

She’s also been accused of using a taxpayer-funded Commonwealth car to visit her divorce lawyer.

When asked about the internal investigation, Mr Shorten didn’t rule out keeping the findings out of the public eye to protect the privacy of complainants.

The Outsider Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham the public deserves to know the truth, whatever it may be.

“Any attempt to keep this secret would be ridiculous because taxpayers have the right to know how their money is being sent.

“As far as I’m aware, it’s totally unprecedented that a member of parliament would be using taxpayer funds for a live-in housekeeper.”

Ms Husar is currently on personal leave, saying in a statement she is “a single mum with three children” who is “working hard and doing my best”.

Mark has a very clear message for the Labor backbencher.

“The good news for Emma Husar is she’s a single mum on a salary package of $250,000 a year.

“Emma, if you need a housekeeper and you need a nanny, put your hand in your own pocket… and fund it that way.

“It’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard and for Bill Shorten to try and keep this report secret is an absolute atrocity.”

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