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‘Don’t know how to fight’: Mark Latham details the ‘problem’ facing the government

Speaking with Ben Fordham for the last time this year, NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham has weighed in on the problems facing the government.

The Prime Minister has given a strong indication we’ll be headed to the polls in May next year, after he announced the budget will be brought forward to April 2.

But with the positive news came more dramas for the government, with another Liberal MP quitting the party.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham is weighing on the government’s woes, telling Ben the party has got a “split constituency”.

“On all these issues that we sort of put under the banner of the culture wars, you’ve got this ideological fight now that’s split the Liberal Party down the middle.

“You look at same-sex marriage, religious freedom… renewables, Australia Day.

“There’s probably about 20 issues now that have been on the public agenda where the Liberal Party is fundamentally split between its constituencies.

“One of the problems they’ve got… it’s not just the progressives who from our suburban perspective are out of touch, the conservatives don’t know how to fight.

“The conservative instinct is to maintain institutions, not recapture them from the Left.

“A lot of their conservatives are just as useless as the progressives.”

He says the government will need more than a surplus budget in April “to get them out of trouble”.

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