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‘Manterruptions’: Women more likely to be interrupted at work

Business experts are calling for an end to ‘manterruptions’ to help improve productivity in the workplace.

Harvard Business School research has found women are more likely to be interrupted or shutdown by their male bosses, than men.

CEO of the Australian Institute of Management in WA, Professor Gary Martin tells Luke Grant that not all male bosses will ‘manterrupt’, but the term has been around for awhile.

“I stumbled across it and decided to dig further and found out there’s a lot more to manterruptions than you think.

“I was wondering if I was guilty of manterrupting myself and I guess I probably am.

“And if most male bosses are honest with themselves they probably do it as well.”

Professor Martin says interruptions at work are often necessary to keep meetings moving, but research found women are interrupted far more than the men.

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