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Man lucky to be alive after tree crushes his car

A man is lucky to be alive after a tree crushed his car while he was traveling on the Pacific Highway around lunchtime.

The incident closed all northbound lanes of the Pacific Highway at Killara, causing heavy traffic and significant delays.

Perry Lopez was the man behind the wheel and he says he’s lucky to have escaped with his life.

The tree has caused extensive damage to his Range Rover, with the bonnet visibly crushed.


Perry tells Ben Fordham he feels “very fortunate”.

“I reckon I was about 10 inches away from not being here.”

Perry had been sitting in traffic and had just put his foot on the accelerator when he suddenly heard an almighty crash.

“The next thing I knew, I looked up and I saw this branch and the guts of the tree that had missed my head”.

Perry says trees of that size don’t belong on the sides of major roads and he’s vowing to follow up the issue with the council.

“A kid could have been crossing the road, a mother could have been in a car with her children.

“I want answers, I’m not going to let it go.”

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Ben Fordham