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Family of dead man deny threat and assault claims made by paramedics

The family of a man who died yesterday while paramedics were trying to save him say lies are being told about how it unfolded.

Paramedics say they were swarmed by agitated family members while trying to treat 25-year-old Hamze Ibrahim, who died of a suspected overdose in Riverwood.

The Australian Paramedics Association (APA) say officers were prevented from treating the patient because they were forced to call in police backup.

They also say the behaviour of the family members at the scene most likely contributed to Mr Ibrahim’s death.

The Ibrahim family is strongly denying the allegations through the family’s lawyer Raed Rahal.

“Noone’s suggesting that paramedics don’t have a right to do their job and they do a wonderful job,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“But the events that they say happened did not happen the way they happened in relation to Mr Ibrahim.”

He says the family members on the scene were “emotional” and “loud” but that was the extent of it.

“(They) certainly did not threaten or harass or intimidate and certainly didn’t assault the paramedics.”

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