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Malcolm Turnbull to deliver historic national apology for child sexual abuse

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Victims of child sexual abuse will receive a historic national apology from the Prime Minister in October.

The Federal Government has accepted 104 of the 122 recommendations made by the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.

As part of the recommendations, a National Office of Child Safety will be established next month and Malcolm Turnbull will formally say sorry to those who’ve suffered.

Attorney-General Christian Porter says priests should be forced report anyone who has confessed to a crime.

But in a statement, the Church says there’s no compelling evidence to suggest that would result in safer environments for children.

Social Services Minister Dan Tehan is urging all states and territories to have uniform criminal laws when it comes to the reporting of child sexual abuse.

“What the Royal Commission has said is that if the Commonwealth has a role to play here, it’s that it is to harmonise these laws so there is a consistency across the nation as to how these mandatory disclosure laws work,” he tells Ben Fordham.

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The Social Services Minister says the Prime Minister will be apologising for the “despicable” actions committed by the Catholic Church.

“It will be an apology for the despicable and deplorable crimes and sins that were committed.

“The Prime Minister is working with survivor groups to make sure that the apology will be fit for purpose, will recognise the trauma that survivors have been through and also… remember that sadly there are some survivors who are no longer with us.”

Child safety advocate Hetty Johnston tells Ben there should be “no grey area” when it comes to disclosure laws across states.

“Anyone that doesn’t want to prioritise the best interests of the child above all other considerations… is a no-go zone.

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