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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responds to Barnaby Joyce’s criticism

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he hasn’t interfered with the National Party and he stands by his decision to change the ministerial code of conduct.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce fronted the media this morning, saying Mr Turnbull’s comments about changes to the ministerial code of conduct were “inept” and “caused further harm”.

Mr Turnbull has responded, saying his disapproval of Mr Joyce’s actions were not a criticism of the National Party.

“The other point is about the National Party. I have not sought in any way to influence the deliberations of the National Party.

“Expressing views of disapproval or criticism of Barnaby’s own conduct is not criticism of the National party.

“Indeed the sentiments that I expressed yesterday which I stand by…those sentiments are quite consistent with those expressed by many members of the National Party itself.”

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Chris Kenny says either Malcolm Turnbull or Barnaby Joyce has to go.

The host of Friday Feedback told Ben Fordham the situation is untenable as it stands.

“If the Nationals dig in and turn up on Monday week with Barnaby as the Deputy Prime Minister, they are just thumbing their nose at the Liberal Party.”

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Rowan Dean, editor of The Spectator, tells Chris Kenny the crisis is “entirely of their own making”

“They were caught flat-footed as it were.

“If given the choice of Barnaby or Malcolm Turnbull leading the coalition I’d opt for Barnaby any day.”

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