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“Get lost Jones!” – Alan catches up with his old friend Lord Jeffrey Archer

Best selling author Jeffrey Archer talks to his Alan Jones about his new book, the Wallabies’woes and the upcoming Ashes cricket series.

The old friends immediately attacked each other about England and Australia’s long-standing sporting rivalry.

Alan, “How bad must you be as a cricket side, in a two horse race, when he bookies have got Australia at $1.75 and your lot are at $3.75? How bad have you got to be?”

“Well you’re quite right, your bookies are very bad, they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, they’re completely useless, they will discover that our very brilliant side will take care of you, so get lost Jones!”

On the release of his latest book, Tell Tale, the famed author says he’s got no desire to slow down anytime soon.

“I just can’t stop, so I’ve done this set of short stories and I’m now going to start I hope the biggest novel since Kane and Abel.”

Jones, “Just on the short stories before we go…”

“Why are you going? Are you frightened of me?”

“We’ve had enough of you!”

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