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Shocking images reveal why we NEED helmets

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There are growing concerns over the push to scrap mandatory helmet laws.

Cyclist group Freestyle Cyclists is behind the move, claiming more people would ride bikes if they didn’t have to wear a helmet.

But Katherine Stark’s story should change their mind.

Training for a charity ride, Katherine’s preparations were brought to a crashing halt when she took a bad fall.

Thrown over her handlebars, she broke her collarbone, two ribs and was left with a blood clot in her chest.

Lying in hospital, she saw the helmet she was wearing at the time of the accident.

It was split in half.

In a heartbreaking video she filmed from her hospital bed Katherine said, “actually, I just want to die because I’ve had enough”.

Speaking with Ben Fordham, she says, “looking back, I was a mess”.

Katherine is now pleading with riders to wear helmets, likening them to airbags in cars.

When asked if she was still doing her charity ride, Katherine exclaimed, “of course!”.

Take a look at the shocking aftermath of Katherine’s accident below

Listen to the full interview below 

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