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Local shop owners left in the lurch after disgraceful government decision

Shop owners along Military Road are up in arms after state government made the decision to install control boxes which will block their businesses.

The 2.9-metre x 2-metre boxes will control a B-Line which will regulate traffic on Military Road at Cremorne and Neutral Bay.

The B-Line will shift the medium strip during peak times of the day to accommodate the flow of traffic.

But while the boxes were set to be placed inside Cremorne Plaza, they’ll now be placed on the footpath, blocking the shop windows of local businesses.

“Someone seems determined to ruin small business,” says Alan Jones.

B-Line control box construction along Military Road.

Local government councillor MaryAnn Beregi says it’s unbelievable.

“The real issue is the lack of information,” she tells Alan.

“This is death by a thousand cuts to these businesses.

“Many of these shops rely on these windows… to actually attract business.

“They’re obstructing the pedestrians, they’re obstructing the business.”

Ms Beregi says there was no consultation made with local business owners over the placement of the control boxes.

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