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Local council declares war on abandoned shopping trolleys

A local Sydney council has declared war on abandoned shopping trolleys, just months after share bikes finally rode their way out of town.

With share bikes no longer littering our streets, Inner West Council has a new focus.

The humble shopping trolley.

Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Byrne has ordered a review which could see wayward trolleys impounded if supermarkets don’t get their act together and collect them within 24 hours.

Trolley Tracker founder Chris Ford tells Ben Fordham this is about “personal responsibility”, not the failings of supermarkets.

“It’s very easy for politicians to have a go at supermarkets because they’re big, slow-moving targets,” he says.

“But for me, it’s an issue of personal responsibility, surely. There are a small number of people who do the wrong thing, who don’t take the trolley back.

“When a supermarket allows you to use the trolley, your part of the deal is to take the thing back to a trolley bay or back to the store.”

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