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Light rail disaster | ‘I’ve had a gut full because the people of NSW have had a gut full’

City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas gives a scathing review of the light rail disaster that continues to plague businesses and taxpayers across Sydney.

The councillor is fighting for justice as small businesses feel the damning effects of light rail construction, leaving many without foot traffic for three years now.

Meanwhile, the foreign company building the infrastructure is raking it in.

“We are funding a foreign company who’s had a 63% increase in their profits in the last year Alan. Why aren’t our Australian companies good enough for this job?” says Ms Vithoulkas.

ACCIONA, the Spanish construction company, has more than 50 massive infrastructure projects happening around Australia.

“The governments keep giving them work and they keep ripping us off.

“We’ve spent $15 million in legal bills trying to get them to do their job, Alan.”

Alan describes the disgraced project as an “economic tragedy” and “emotional turmoil”.

But Ms Vithoulkas has had enough.

“I’ve had a gut full because the people of NSW have had a gut full, and the small business community is going to stand up.

“I’ve got the stomach for this fight, Alan. I don’t know where they are but they’re hiding under their blankets.”

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