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Life on board coronavirus cruise ship: Australian passengers reveal all

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Two Australian passengers on board the Diamond Princess in Japan have told all about life on the quarantined cruise ship.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus on the ship has risen to 61, including seven Australians, with the deadly illness spreading after an 80-year-old Hong Kong man fell sick while on the ship.

Coralie and Paul Williamson are among 3700 people currently on board the Diamond Princess, which is docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama.

The couple are confined to their cabin and are three days into a 14-day stint in isolation, however this could be extended if the virus continues to spread among passengers.

“It’s really an evolving situation, and we’re at the whim of the Japanese authorities,” Paul Williamson tells John Stanley

In a lengthy interview, they reveal insights about life on board the ship, and say the majority of the information they receive comes from the media.

“We do get broadcasts from the captain on-board. They are irregular and he’s only able to release information, as he’s explained to us, when he has the approval of the Japanese authorities to do so. 

“Often that is coming after the news is filtering through via the media to us.”

They also describe how the media is going to extraordinary lengths to speak with the quarantined passengers.

“We’re on the 12th level and we’ve actually got boats off this side with their big covered mics and cameras, trying to get interviews from all around the world.”

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