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Liberal MP takes on his own government over fight to fix up local blackspot

NSW Liberal MP Lee Evans has vowed to take up the fight to fix one of Sydney’s most notorious roads, saying he was misled.

The government pledged to upgrade the Heathcote Road Bridge, with the Heathcote MP telling Ben Fordham he believed the bridge was going to be expanded to four lanes.

After a fatality back in 2015, he “doubled down” and wanted a long term solution to fix the blackspot.

But the department has since released plans to only widen the bridge, rather than duplicate it.

“It’s been a long saga,” Mr Lee said.

“I was elected on promising we would fix this blackspot.

“My community has always said we need two separate, two-lane roads or a bridge with four lanes on it.

“All of the meetings I have had up until the public consultation was two bridges with four lanes, it’s in confidence form the department … I can only say all the meetings I had previously up until the public consultation we were talking about four lanes in a two bridge structure.”

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