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Lefty Melbourne council bans Australia Day… now hosting trans only swim night

A controversial Melbourne council is once again stepping outside of its remit, pandering to minorities at the expense of its constituents.

The Greens-dominated Darebin Council has decided to host a ‘Trans and Gender Diverse Community’ only swimming night at a public pool, banning all other members of the community.

“To create a safe and welcoming environment, the event is only open to trans and gender-diverse people and their friends, partners and families,” community development director Katrina Knox said.

It comes after the council decided not to celebrate Australia Day, as part of the ‘Change the Date’ campaign.

Steve Price speaks with Evan Mulholland from the Institute of Public Affairs about the political correctness gone mad.

“You can’t escape the radical identity politics that’s going on here.

“I think it’s a pretty divisive move… left wing councils like Darebin like to talk about equality, but in reality what they’re doing is segregating their constituents.

“I think all ratepayers should be treated equally and be given equal access to facilities regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality or background.”

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