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Layne Beachley: Female surfers should wear what they want

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Photographers who snap surfing competitions are being told how to capture footage of female surfers.

They’ve been told not to zoom in on surfers wearing bikinis.

Seven-time world surfing champion Layne Beachley tells Ben Fordham athletes should have a choice.

“They wear what their sponsors provide them and it’s up to them to wear what they feel is practical and comfortable and enables them to perform to their best.

“It’s got to come down to the athlete’s decision to determine what it is they’re going to compete in.

“I respect the fact that they’re requesting photographers not to zoom in on girls’ private parts.

“I just want the sport to generate the right attention for the right reasons.”

Brad Hunter is behind the lens and weighs in on the topic.

“I think it’s extremely unfortunate,” he tells Ben.

“It’s Australian life. We live in a free country and we can wear what we want.”

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