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‘Labor wants to unilaterally sabotage Australia’s economy’: Canavan slams Labor’s energy agenda

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Though it remains to be seen what the Morrison Government will do on energy, the signs are pointing towards what could be a  profound policy turnaround.

Preliminary indicators suggest the Coalition’s priority may be more tilted towards lowering prices, rather than satisfying Paris emission targets, as Morrison looks to leave the woes of the beleaguered National Energy Guarantee behind him.

Meanwhile in the opposing ideological camp, the Labor Government is touting the credibility of its renewables-orientated policy, which looks to cut Australia’s emissions by 45%- 50% by 2030.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan agrees the Coalition needs to better prosecute the case against Labor’s flagship energy framework.  With the heavy focus on the Liberal Party’s leadership mess, it appears Labor’s policy has escaped the scrutiny it deserves.

 “I certainly hope people don’t vote for a Labor Government that wants to shut down our energy resources and potentially shut down industry too,” says Canavan.

“We’ve seen what happens when government force-feeds a certain type of energy into the system. In South Australia, they were plunged into medieval darkness. I don’t think anybody wants that around the rest of the country.”

In stark contrast to the dictates of the National Energy Guarantee, Canavan says Australia needs to walk out on the Paris Accord.

“Bill Shorten and the Labor Party want to unilaterally sabotage Australia’s economy, Australia’s birth right of cheap energy. They want to sacrifice to the gods of an environmental religion.”

“But it’s not going to generate any practical outcome. There will be no benefit to the environment. We’re too small of a component in the world’s emissions.”

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