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Labor preferencing Rob Oakeshott and Greens in Cowper

Labor is preferencing independent candidate Rob Oakeshott above the Greens in the seat of Cowper.

With pre-polling booths opening today, Labor has been handing out ‘how to vote’ cards prioritising Rob Oakeshott and the Greens.

Mr Oakehott has previously been accused of being a proxy for Labor, and has refused to reveal whether he supports their controversial franking credit policy.

Nationals candidate for Cowper, Patrick Conaghan, says Mr Oakeshott needs to explain if he will support the policy, given it will affect self-funded retirees in Cowper.

“Once upon a time you could work hard to get ahead, but now it’s just a tax grab by Labor, just a kick in the guts for hardworking people.”

Ray Hadley is pleading with the people of Cowper to keep Mr Oakeshott out of office. 

“I lived through Rob Oakeshott, and I don’t want to live through Rob Oakeshott again.

“I couldn’t possibly spend another three years sitting here getting ulcerated stomachs from the rubbish he goes on with.”

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