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Labor Party voting to change the date of Australia Day

The Victorian ALP is preparing to vote on whether to change the date of Australia Day, but the federal government is demanding the opposition stop tearing down “our heritage”.

A motion to shift Australia Day from January 26 – when the First Fleet arrived – to May 9 – when the Commonwealth parliament first met – has been put forward for debate.

The Victorian ALP will vote on the matter at the party’s annual conference this weekend.

Minister for Citizenship Alan Tudge tells Ray Hadley it’s not just the Victorian ALP, it’s the entire Labor Party and the Greens against Australia Day.

“We think, and most Australians think, Australia Day on January 26 is a terrific day which unites us all. It should stay on that day!”

“The Greens and the Labor party should stop trying to tear down our national heritage and our national symbols and these key important days.”

Listen to the full interview with Alan Tudge below