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‘Just ridiculous’: City of Sydney declares climate emergency

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The City of Sydney Council is calling for urgent action to fight global warming after officially declaring a climate emergency.

The council voted in favour of the action, put forward by Lord Mayor Clover Moore, on Monday night.

She said it was a necessary step as successive governments “have shamefully presided over a climate disaster”.

But NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham their attitude doesn’t reflect how the everyday Aussie feels about climate change.

“People are fairly calm about things, there’s no feeling of climate emergency, life goes on.

“But when I cross over there near Central Station apparently it is an emergency and things are dire, the world’s about to end. Maybe we need to move to Parliament House so we’re safe from these dramatic circumstances.

“Isn’t it just ridiculous? 

“There is no climate emergency, the emergency’s between their ears.”

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City of Sydney Councillor Craig Chung voted against the action and moved an amendment to tone down the language.

He tells Ben Fordham although he supports action on climate change, this simply goes too far.

“The climate alarmists… they hijacked the debate and the language that they use is just catastrophic club language and it really does nothing to help the debate and to bring about a sensible solution.

“I think the use of the word emergency is ridiculous, I think it just really polarises the debate.”

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