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Junior rugby league clubs slapped with hefty fine for ‘unbelievable’ reason

We’re no stranger to stupid rules.

But this is a bit harsh.

Junior rugby league clubs in the Canterbury area in Sydney’s south-west are being fined $100 for any player who’s out of uniform, this includes kids as young as five, even if they’ve got the wrong socks on.

Canterbury Junior Rugby League already issues a $50 fine, but it’s set to double to $100 this weekend.

Chris Smith is slamming the move as unfair, with many refugees and low-income families living in the area.

“It’s not the richest place in Sydney, how dare they smack $100 on these parents?”

Smithy’s All-Star Prue MacSween isn’t having a bar of it either.

“It’s unbelievable, isn’t it.

“It’s important we know that kids learn discipline and respect and a sense of responsibility, but kids are kids.

“We want to encourage kids to play sport, isn’t that the message we should be giving out and not socking parents or the club for money that they just won’t have?”

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