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Jones vs Frydenberg: ‘You’re as green as the Labor Party and the Greens!’

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and Alan Jones have gone head to head once again, in what’s turning into a 12-round championship bout.

The Minister claims the government is “turning a corner” on power prices by clamping down on companies who are ripping off consumers.

“Over the last seven weeks, the wholesale cost of power had come down 34% compared to the same time last year.

“We’ve seen a number of the networks, which is the poles and wires companies, reduce their costs even though they make up 50% of the power bill.

“We are doing everything possible to reduce power prices.”

But Alan highlights a key area the government should be targeting.

“If you didn’t pay subsidies to solar and wind power, they wouldn’t exist. You are propping up commercial failures,” Alan says.

Minister Frydneberg disagrees.

“The reality, whether you like it or not Alan, is that renewables have come down significantly in price.”

Alan, “If that’s the case, then why are you subsidising them?

“You are wedded to renewable energy, you are wedded to green energy. You’re as green as the Labor Party and the Greens.”

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