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Jim Molan says it’s too early to criticise response to Tathra fire

Senator Jim Molan tells Chris Smith more time is needed before people can criticise the response to the Tathra fire.

He joined Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Tathra after the devasting fires turned the area into a disaster zone.

As a member of the Rural Fire Service in Canberra, Senator Molan says it’s “unfair” to declare a turf war between the services.

“It’s a bit unfair at this stage to criticise any decision,” he tells Chris Smith.

“They’re smart and I’ll tell you what, the professionalism of these volunteers is absolutely superb.”

He also says it’s too early to make a decision on the response to the fire.

“I’d give it a little bit of time.

“Let’s keep focusing on the people and then we’ll figure out if we did the right thing or if we did the wrong thing.”

On Greens Senator Richard Di Natale’s attempt to link the events in Tathra to climate change, Senator Molan says “you just can’t do it”.

“You can’t link individual weather events… you can’t say, well there we are, we’ve got climate change.”

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