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James Reyne opens up about a health scare that almost ended his career

Music legend, of Australian Crawl fame, has revealed how he almost lost his ability to sing.

James Reyne told Jim Wilson how a minor surgery on his throat went on to cause a bigger psychological issue.

“I kind of couldn’t sing for a little while and then I got my voice back and then I got, what sportsmen call, the yips.

“So, I could technically and physically do it, but in my head, for some reason, I’d go up on stage and say ‘oh god, oh god, oh god, is this going to work?’

“I’d sort of beat myself up, and by doing so, it kind of… psychosomatically got in the way of the actual physical act of singing.”

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James Reyne releases his 12th studio album, Toon Town Lullaby, today.

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Image: Bloodlines / Mushroom Group