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Jacinta Price slams ‘insulting’ report linking colonisation to indigenous domestic violence

Luke Grant
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A report by a taxpayer-funded organisation reportedly appears to blame colonisation and white settlement for the domestic violence perpetrated against indigenous women and children.

The report by Our Watch suggests that while there is “no one cause” behind the violence materialising in indigenous communities, the “ongoing impact of colonisation” could be an “underlying driver” behind these types of manifestations.

Indigenous leader Jacinta Price disagrees emphatically, suggesting ideology has gotten in the way of fact.

“This report has taken a huge step backwards in all the work that has been progressing forward to bring about real change,” says Price.

“It’s another form of silencing the victim.”

“You can continue to use colonisation as an excuse and pretend that men are victims of this as well and infantilise them so they don’t have to take any responsibility, but this will not change anything. Especially for women and children, who should be put first and foremost.”

Price is calling on people in indigenous communities to take a stand against the mistreatment of indigenous women and children, to help remedy the abuse.

“We recognise that there are wonderful Aboriginal men out there, don’t get me wrong. We need those men to stand up for those victims, stand beside us and condemn the acts of those we know who are perpetrating violence.”

“The victims of violence need to be supported.”

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Luke Grant