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Jacinta Price slams Black Lives Matter movement for failing the ‘real victims’

Indigenous activist Jacinta Price has hit out at the Black Lives Matter movement for ignoring the real crisis in Aboriginal communities.

After last week’s shocking report of a five-year-old boy being allegedly gang-raped by a group of children in a remote Indigenous community on the Cape York Peninsula, Ms Price says the BLM movement isn’t interested in learning the truth.

Ms Price told Jim Wilson she will continue to speak out because she has been confronted with circumstances of family violence close to her, including homicides and child abuse.

“I see this continuing to happen … there doesn’t appear to be any sort of slowing down of this particular issue.

“And yet everybody’s attention seems to be focused on ensuring that perpetrators are the main focus … that their lives are far more important than victims of homicide, and victims of sexual abuse.”

Ms Price said the whole BLM push is “based on a farce that somehow all these deaths in custody are a result of systemic racism … or caused through homicide by white police officers, which is simply not true”.

“The reason I am speaking up is so that the attention remains on the real victims of our nation.

“Why should these children’s lives mean less than the perpetrators who the Black Lives movement is out there supporting?”

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