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‘I’ve got broad shoulders’: Scott Morrison responds to bushfire criticisms

Natalie Peters & Erin Molan
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Prime Minister Scott Morrison is urging people to remain patient as bushfire conditions are predicted to worsen over the weekend.

The New Year’s Eve fires have claimed the lives of at least seven people in NSW, but conditions are expected to worsen with widespread extreme fire danger forecast for this Saturday.

Mr Morrison tells Natalie Peters and Erin Molan that the response to the bushfire crisis is well co-ordinated but remains a state government responsibility.

“You really want this response as close to the ground as you can get it, removing it further away from local communities I think has some real risks attached to it.

“The commonwealth government will provide whatever the states need, to do what they need to do on the ground here.

“I know when people get fearful or indeed angry, and they want to express that and if that means they want to get angry at me, then if that helps, by all means, I’ve got broad shoulders.”

He says people at risk of bushfires need to follow instructions and remain calm.

“Stay safe…. let’s be as patient as we can.”

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Image: Getty/Tracey Nearmy

Natalie Peters & Erin Molan