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‘It’s too bizarre for words’: Ray Hadley rubbishes Rupert Murdoch conspiracy

An ABC report has claimed Malcolm Turnbull lost the prime ministership because of an organised media campaign.

It lays blame on Kerry Stokes and Rupert Murdoch, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Sky News “after dark” commentators.

The ABC aired the report on Tuesday along with an online article published by the ABC’s national political editor Andrew Probyn.

Ray Hadley has slammed the Rupert Murdoch conspiracy saying a campaign “wasn’t something that was concocted in the last month of his prime ministership”.

“I thought he was a shocking prime minister and I’ve been saying so for over a year and longer.

“I don’t know how long Alan’s been saying the same thing, and I don’t really care, because his program’s his program, and my program’s my program.

“To suggest that I would be directed by Mr Murdoch, given that I work in direct opposition to him at channel nine because he owns Fox Sports, is almost so bizarre it’s too bizarre for words.

“All of this is just nonsense, absolute nonsense.”

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