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‘It’s time to look for what unites us’: Andrew Bolt on proposed new indigenous day

A State Minister has caused quite a stir today after suggesting Labour Day be replaced with a day for indigenous celebration.

His comments came after Prime Minister Scott Morrison suggested we introduce a separate day to mark the contribution of our Indigenous Australians.

NSW Veterans Affairs Minister David Elliott told Steve Price that Labour Day is no longer relevant and could be replaced by a “Corroboree” day.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has described his colleague’s involvement in the debate over a need for a national day to honour Indigenous culture as “unnecessary politics”.

Andrew Bolt tells Luke Grant there are “some three weeks of national days” to celebrate Aboriginal people and recognise past atrocities, and an additional one isn’t necessary.

“Another one… what good will it do except keep the victim industry going?

“I think it’s time to look for what unites us rather than another day about how we’re divided by so-called race or grievance.

“I really think a Liberal that doesn’t understand that maybe is in the wrong party.”

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