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‘It’s time to do a reality check’: The vote on Sydney’s lockout laws

State Parliament will debate whether to loosen the restrictions surrounding Sydney’s controversial lockout laws.

Alan Jones has often said the city is now dead after dark.

Foot traffic in Kings Cross has fallen by 84 per cent and 176 licensed premises have closed in the precinct and CBD since the restrictions were brought in.

“Something has to give,” says Chris Smith.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party member Robert Borsak is behind the push to reduce the restrictions.

He tells Chris it’s about getting the balance right.

“It’s a massive decline in what really is a very short period of time.”

Mr Borsak says while the laws were brought in for good reason, “it’s time to do a reality check”.

“We need to actually have a look at what’s happening to our city.”

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